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We’re Growing! New Opportunities for NICU Staff Nurses

Come join our team of NICU Staff Nurses Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Services of Georgia is now staffing and hiring dedicated NICU Staff Nurses for our hospital clients in Alabama and Georgia. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced neonatal nurses looking to further their careers. With Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, you can have both personal fulfillment […]

How a Locum Tenens Provider Can Benefit Your Healthcare Organization

Effectively managing a successful healthcare organization is not always easy. Staffing issues can arise at a moment’s notice— causing shortages, reduced patient satisfaction, and physician burnout. With all these roadblocks combined, you may find that you require the flexibility of temporary staffing. Working with a locum tenens service can benefit your healthcare organization more than […]

Is a Career as a Locum Tenens Provider Right For You?

Working as a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner sounds exciting, but many people find that they are not cut out for the job. There are several benefits of working locum tenens, but traveling, being away from family, and learning a new environment can be too stressful for some. So, if you have been considering a […]

How the COVID 19 Pandemic Has Affected Locum Tenens Assignments

The COVID19 pandemic has affected almost every industry. In some cases, even changing the way we work permanently. Healthcare is one industry that has been most affected by the pandemic. Healthcare providers are working longer hours and in more stressful conditions than ever before. With methods of travel being reduced, social outings being closed, and […]

How to Avoid Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is becoming increasingly more common. As the demand for healthcare rises, many physicians find themselves overworked and stressed out. This mixed with a high-stress job drives many physicians to feel burned-out and seeking other career options. In fact, about 54% of physicians reported feeling burned out in a study conducted in 2014. Since […]

3 Ways Locum Tenens NNPs Can Improve Your NICU

Since it’s beginning in the early 1900’s, Locum Tenens providers have become increasingly more popular. The benefits of hiring locum tenens providers are numerous and can help to improve patient outcomes, physicians’ job satisfaction, and a hospital’s business initiatives. With so many benefits to gain from temporary and flexible physicians, it is obvious to see […]

Hobbies for Locum Tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

Locum tenens assignments are exciting. A new work environment, meeting new people, and exploring a new city are all fun parts of working locums. But with that, can come some burn-out. Most locum tenens providers love the opportunity to explore and get comfortable with new surroundings. On the other hand, some providers have trouble settling […]

How to Help a Locum Tenens Provider Succeed

Hiring a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner can be a time-consuming endeavor. You are not just hiring a locum tenens to fill a gap in staffing, you also need this new provider to provide the quality of care your patients deserve and expect. Having a proper onboarding process in place will make sure that your […]

5 Reasons Why Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Love Working Locum Tenens

More and more healthcare providers are reaping the benefits of a locum tenens career. With major benefits for providers and patients alike, its no wonder why. If you’re not familiar with the term, locum tenens literally translated means “temporary work.” As a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner, you fill in at hospitals and other health […]