Tips for Succeeding as a Locum Tenens NNP

3 Tips for Succeeding as a Locum Tenens NNP

Working as a locum tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioner certainly has its benefits. Traveling, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences are a few of the wonderful parts of taking a new assignment. But, since this type of work can be so different from a traditional role, you may be wondering what to do to succeed in your new career path. Let’s review a few of the things you can do to make sure you succeed as a Locum Tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

Be Friendly
Since you will be a new staff member, you may feel stressed or a little anxious on your first day. But, if you make the extra effort to learn all your colleagues’ names and make connections, the transition will go a lot smoother. You will be able to rely on your colleagues to help you learn the ropes and assist you when necessary. Not to mention, an assignment will be more enjoyable for you if you are able to make work-friends quickly.

Be Flexible and Dependable
Your role as a locum tenens provider is to fill gaps in staffing, which might mean changes to your schedule or last-minute requests for help. Being able to go with the flow and show up when you’re asked with a great attitude will impress your supervisor and your coworkers. It will help you to build a good rapport and can help you to get great recommendations or even be asked to come back again.

Ask For Help
You will be working in a new environment and have all new patients. You won’t be expected to know everything on the first day, but no one will know how to help you if you don’t ask! Additionally, when you ask for help, it encourages your colleagues to ask you for help. This type of communication will lay the foundation for a great working relationship with all of your colleagues.

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