How the COVID 19 Pandemic Has Affected Locum Tenens Assignments

The COVID19 pandemic has affected almost every industry. In some cases, even changing the way we work permanently. Healthcare is one industry that has been most affected by the pandemic. Healthcare providers are working longer hours and in more stressful conditions than ever before. With methods of travel being reduced, social outings being closed, and some activities banned, locum tenens providers have had to re-adjust to life during COVID. Let’s review some of the ways the COVID19 pandemic has affected locum tenens assignments.

The pandemic is affecting every part of the United States differently. Some areas are overwhelmed and in desperate need of temporary help. In other areas, people are avoiding hospitals altogether, causing reduced shifts and layoffs. If a hospital has experienced upheaval, it is expected that some of the permanent staff will search for extra shifts or a new job assignment to make up for income they’ve lost. This means that there is both more of a need for locum tenens providers as well as more physicians looking to get into the locum tenens field.

How to Stay Safe During the Pandemic as a Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioner
If you have decided to continue or start taking locum tenens assignments during the pandemic, there are some things you should be aware of that can help keep yourself and others safe during the pandemic.

First, consider that you’ll be around a compromised group of people. So be sure you are being as safe as possible. Always wear a mask when you are in public. Do not spend time with anyone who isn’t taking precautions, and only go out in public when absolutely necessary. These things seem obvious, but they can cut down on the likelihood of getting and spreading the disease. Additionally, make sure to travel safely between assignments. Mask up, practice social distancing, and avoid crowds or gatherings as much as possible. Eventually, things will return to normal, but until then it is necessary to make adjustments to protect ourselves and others.

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How to Avoid Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is becoming increasingly more common. As the demand for healthcare rises, many physicians find themselves overworked and stressed out. This mixed with a high-stress job drives many physicians to feel burned-out and seeking other career options. In fact, about 54% of physicians reported feeling burned out in a study conducted in 2014. Since higher physician stress levels can lead to lower patient satisfaction, it is vital to ensure that your physicians are happy at work. Let’s review three ways to avoid physician burnout.

1. Promote Healthy Hobbies Outside of Work
Regardless of how much you love your job, if you don’t have a healthy work-life balance, you will eventually suffer burnout. This is especially true for physicians. Since physicians work long shifts, have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, and work in an emotionally exhausting job, the burnout potential is even higher. Studies show that physicians who partake in hobbies outside of work are happier and more fulfilled at work. There are several ways you can go about promoting a healthy work-life balance, so choose something that fits best with your hospital’s needs.

2. Regular Check-Ins
Checking in with your physicians on a regular basis can give them a chance to discuss any issues or struggles they are having. This allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure your physicians don’t get burned out. The check ins don’t have to be lengthy, a few minutes once or twice per day is all it takes. Open communication works wonders in the mental health of your staff.

3. Work With a Locum Tenens Provider
Working with a locum tenens provider can ease some of the burden your physicians are facing. A locum tenens provider allows for more schedule flexibility and can always share a portion of patient care. This means that your physicians and patients will be much happier.

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3 Ways Locum Tenens NNPs Can Improve Your NICU

Since it’s beginning in the early 1900’s, Locum Tenens providers have become increasingly more popular. The benefits of hiring locum tenens providers are numerous and can help to improve patient outcomes, physicians’ job satisfaction, and a hospital’s business initiatives. With so many benefits to gain from temporary and flexible physicians, it is obvious to see why over 90% of healthcare facilities in the United States utilize Locum Tenens physicians every year. So, let’s break down three major ways that locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioners can improve your NICU.

1. Improved Patient Care
When an organization is facing staffing shortages, patients are the ones who suffer most. Since the goal of every healthcare organization is to ensure the health and happiness of every patient, these shortages must be avoided at all costs. Locum Tenens NNPs improve NICU patient outcomes by ensuring there is always enough staffing to provide quality care to every patient. When organizations utilize locum tenens, they don’t have to worry about their full time physicians calling in, moving, getting sick, or leaving. You can rest knowing that your patients will always be well taken care of.

2. Less Physician Burnout
If you manage the staff of any healthcare organization, you know that staffing shortages, busy seasons, and heavy caseloads can cause burnout among physicians. This leads to more overturn, and less patient satisfaction. Physician burnout can also lead to lower quality of patient care. When your NICU is properly staffed with locum tenens in rotation, your full-time employees are able to take the rest they require and are able to better provide for their patients. In the long term, this has lasting benefits on the patients of the NICU, your physicians, and the hospital.

3. Financial Flexibility
Every hospital department feels as though they could use a bigger budget. When it comes to staffing, this is especially true. You are probably used to working with a tight budget. When you opt for locum tenens providers, you are not required to commit to years long contracts that you may or may not have the budget for in the future. Instead, you are able to increase staff when the budget allows, and decrease staffing numbers when necessary. This type of financial flexibility is a win for everyone involved.

Improve Your NICU With Experienced Locum Tenens NNPs
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